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Hello everyone!

A couple news/message for you all:
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15 December 2014 @ 11:40 pm

So I need help finding this one fic. What I remember is that the first chapter was about Sasuke, Itachi, Naruto, and other people at a party or something. Anyways, something happened and Sasuke ended up having to go to school wearing heels(or a skirt) for awhile. He ended up getting really into it and started wearing more feminine clothing(and Itachi helped him out). I think it was for a dare?? I know it had something to do with sports!! I know it had humor and wasn't much of a serious fic. It also mightve been on ff.net. I'm sorry if this is really vague I don't remember much. I remember it had multiple chapters and is completed! I'm not sure if it was SasuNaru or NaruSasu but it mightve been the latter.

Thank you!
05 December 2014 @ 10:21 pm
Hi all

I'm looking for a story where naruto works in a hospital and I think sasuke is Ceo of his family company. Naruto and sasuke are in a relationship but things are strained, naruto has been spending less time at home and more time at work. Naruto realises what he's losing when sasuke ends up in hospital and itachi blames Naruto. I think it's a one shot but I'm not too sure, I'm pretty sure I read it on fan fiction and I know Hinata is a nurse where Naruto works.

Can anyone help with the name of this story?
21 November 2014 @ 11:34 pm
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13 November 2014 @ 05:12 pm

heelllooo! how are ya? well? well met! :D here's the type of story that i'm looking for..

sasuke and naruto in their years as genin, part one of naruto. before sasuke got his cursed mark or after, and when naruto was beginning to bond with him.

any stories?? they dont' have to be in the ninjaverse :] but i would prefer them to be

here's an example

Reason why man

gracious mi amiga's and ooo's


19 October 2014 @ 06:17 pm
Hi I need help finding this narusasu fic. I remember reading it on ff.net. It like starts off with sasuke auditioning for a band that naruto's in with kiba and shikamaru and that's how they meet. Then Sasuke finds out that Naruto is actually a vampire. Also, Sasuke himself is a werewolf but after he gets with Naruto he chooses to become half werewolf half vampire. If anyone could give me the name for this fic, it'd be much appreciated! Thank you!
17 October 2014 @ 12:10 pm

I'm looking for a fic that I'm pretty sure I'm not just making up. In the fic Naruto suffers from pyromania and he gets put into a mental hospital where he meets Sasuke. I think Sasuke may have killed someone in his past and that's why he's there but I can't remember. Naruto also meets Sai a compulsive liar, Sakura an anorexic, Hinata is a mute, I'm pretty sure Kiba, Ino, and Shino are there also? I think Shikamaru is his roommate for most of the fic. I can't remember a lot of the story but I know that at one point Naruto is in the hospitals kitchen and he turns on the stove which is gas burning and he just watches the fire for a while until Sasuke finds him and takes him back to his room. I think Kakashi and Iruka are in the story as a doctor and nurse or something. An Itachi is part of the story too at some point. Please, if you can help me find this fic that would be so amazing!!!
The saved copy if Willful blindness I have is incomplete and I heard Ivvymoon had finished it, did she also finish The Many Arts Of Aerobics?

And Sasuke my pet?

If it's not too much trouble could someone send me other completed works of hers before she disappeared? Please and thank you!
14 October 2014 @ 06:59 pm
Hi guys! I've been surfing through this community and you guys seem awesome. I've even taken a look at some fics I found while surfing on here.
I read this NaruSasu fic a while ago, and I really have the urge to read it again, problem is, I can't seem to find it. I don't remember what it was called or who it was uploaded by. I remember reading it off FF.net.

Some things I remember:
—It being NaruSasu (Where Naruto tops)
—I think it might have been college AU
—(from my understanding to my memory) Sasuke and Naruto lived in dorms, right down the hall from each other (or somewhere in the same building)
—Slight NaruSaku, them dating for a few years (I think two)
—Naruto being Mr.Popular, Sasuke being described as "emo loner" from what I remember
—Naruto surfs!
—Naruto taught Sasuke how to surf
—Naruto and Sakura breaking up, Naruto goes with Sasuke
—Sasuke drawing whiskers on Naruto's face, resulting in Naruto getting them perm. tattoo'd onto his face

This is all I remember...hopefully you guys can help! Thanks!
28 September 2014 @ 12:39 am
Oct 21st 2014 - STILL LOOKING FOR THIS FIC! Please help!

I swear I had this fic bookmarked, but apparently not! I don't remember the title or the author.

It's an AU fic, Naruto is a Fox!human Kyuubi is his brother. Sasuke is a Wolf!human and is traveling out in the cold. The towns people point him to Naruto's 'den' outside town. Naruto lives alone with his kid. Later a half frozen Itachi shows up. Kyuubi ends up being the mate of Itachi. Sasuke is of course Naruto's mate. There's some drama involving how Naruto ended up being a single father ... but really its just a kinda short and sweet story.

I am almost positive its exactly 3 chapters long, and I am also pretty sure I read it on adult-fanfiction.org

Despite all this ... no search I do seems to be finding this story!

Help please!

I really hope someone here might please help me if you have come accross this Naruto fic I remember reading.

Searching for fic where the Naruto we know is a clone who dies at the Valley of the End, prompting the return of the real Naruto. Set in an AU where Naruto never really spent his childhood and Genin days in Konoha and instead left a permanent clone with a own personality in the village while the real Naruto went travelling and training. So in this fic the loud moron we know from canon was only a clone that Naruto left in Konoha as a cover for his disappearance.

During the battle with Sasuke in the Valley of the End the Naruto clone is then killed and because neither Tsunade, the Godaime, nor Naruto´s friends know that he´s only a clone, they all believe he´s dead. Jirayia knows the truth, though, and he proceeds to find the real and very much still living Naruto and takes him back to Konoha.

After their arrival the highly capable and serious Naruto talks to Sarutobi Hiruzen, who´s still alive, and is surprised by the old man´s knowledge, since he didn´t tell the Sandaime about the clone, but then admits that he underestimated the older man. Naruto also confesses that the type of freedom he´s been enjoying is addictive but still promises to stay in Konoha and protect the village. After that he´s introduced to Tsunade and Kakashi and the former promptly tells him that he´s being tested in a fight against Sharingan Kakashi to which Naruto agrees.

The fic was on ff.net somewhere around 2011. Might have been Gen or SasuNaru. Might be deleted.
12 September 2014 @ 12:03 am
Hi all,

I'd really like to re-read Imbrium Iridum's mpreg fic Self-Reliance. Unfortunately, her works were deleted from her FF.net profile (whether FF.net admin or Imbrium herself removed them, I don't know). Does anyone have this work downloaded, and would be willing to email it to me? If so reply here or send me a PM and I'll give you my contact info. I'd much appreciate the help!

EDIT: Silly me, it was on AFF.net the whole time! A big thanks to ex0lover for pointing it out to me.
31 August 2014 @ 12:53 am
Okay so I read this a while ago it was SasuNaru and in the begin Naruto liked his best friend Kiba, who then gets transferred to an overseas office which breaks Naruto's heart. Sasuke steps in to comfort Naruto. And in the end Sasuke and Naruto end up together. So I'd really like to read this again so if anyone knows it or finds it please inform me! Thanks in advance! ^^
12 August 2014 @ 11:56 am
Hi! I have spent the last two days searching ff but haven't no luck finding this story. From what I can remember it was about Sasuke family not inviting Naruto to a family event and Sasuke not caring. Naruto decides he has had enough and tries to leave. I remember there being cats and Naruto dad showing up. It was a one-shot. Does that ring any bells? Thank you for any help anyone can give.
11 August 2014 @ 01:39 am
Looking for a fic I read not too long ago but its been long enough.

Basically Sasuke is in an arranged marridge with Naruto and he hates it because he already has a girlfriend,Sakura. He only did it for his family. I remember he is very cruel and cold to Naruto at first.

Eventually Sasuke realizes how terrible he's been to his "wife" (as the story refers to naruto as) and he falls in love with Naruto.

Hope this rings a bell for someone. I'd be eternally greatful if its found :)

Thanks in advance!
So Naruto had a crush on Itachi his boss, who was completely clueless about Naruto's feelings (or so I remember) and Naruto really loathed Sasuke. As Itachi got engaged Naruto was heart broken and ended up sleeping with Sasuke and then they this sort of fuck buddy thing going on (though I'm not completely sure). It's later revealed that Sasuke and Naruto had history together from back in high school. I remember that there was happy ending.

I hope this is enough information to help someone recognize the fic ^^ Thank you in advance! :3
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05 August 2014 @ 07:23 pm
Hi! I remember reading these two fic in...I think it was 2007? They were both long, multichapter and on fanfiction.net, and there's just so much to comb through that I haven't been able to find either.

The first one was Iruka/Kakashi as well as SasuNaru - Iruka had adopted Naruto and Kakashi had adopted Sasuke (I think?). Iruka and Kakashi were together and were matchmaking Naruto and Sasuke (or at least generally being like "oh look at the adorable ust between those two"). Quite a few chapters in, Naruto and Sasuke were going to attend a festival so Iruka gives Naruto an orange yukata passed down from him by the Yondaime, which Naruto looks super hot in. He later ends up having sex with Sasuke in it and Iruka yells at him for getting bodily fluids all over an heirloom. Sasuke and Naruto were both described as being ridiculously beautiful, iirc.

The other fic I'm looking for is a modern au ghost hunter fic. Naruto is part of a group of people who hunt ghosts (in more of a tv show way than a Supernatural way) and they all go to stay in a haunted mansion for a week (or longer). Sasuke is the ghost that haunts the mansion and appears to Naruto and they start to form a relationship. One of the chapters is named Oubliette, and I think Sasuke died in one.

If anyone here could help me out, it would be much appreciated! I've been looking for these fic for years. @_@
07 July 2014 @ 11:58 pm
Hi, I want to re-read a sasufem!naru fic that I read a few years ago but I can't remember the title and I wasn't able to save it anywhere.
Here are some of the things that I remember from the fic:

  • Sasuke and Naruto had a one-night stand

  • Naruto got pregnant because of that

  • Because both came from prominent families, they decided to marry each other in order not to sully their family names even though they don't feel any love for one another

  • Their son is a 'mama's boy' and I think that he doesn't really like Sasuke that much

  • I know that at some point, Naruto started to develop feelings for Sasuke but Sasuke never noticed it and mistook Naruto's actions as being cold and indifferent to him

  • When Sasuke went away for a business meeting, Naruto got shot (?) because she went and act all hero-like during a robbery in a bank where she was at

  • Anddddd, well idk, I guess Sasuke then realized that he actually loves his wife and went home early even though the business meeting is quite impt. to him (hahahaha, i really can't remember much about what happened near the end

  • I'm sure, though, that Mikoto's always asking the two for another grandchild whenever they see her and it gets a bit awkward for both Sasuke and Naruto since they don't really feel anything towards each other and they even have separate bedrooms

  • In the end, they had a daughter and Sasuke taught that she's gonna be a daddy's girl but it turns out that even the little girl likes naru more (haha, poor Sasuke)

Well, that's all I can remember folks! Hope you can give me the title since I'm really desperate to read it again. Thanks in advance!
30 June 2014 @ 03:19 am
Looking for a story in which Naruto is a chemistry teacher at a elite private school and the class has a horrible reputation and have caused previous teachers to quit or have to seek mental treatment.  I do not remember who Naruto is paired with so I am not sure if this is the proper place.  I thought I had the stories saved somewhere, but apparently I was wrong.  I think the title includes the word Academia and (if it helps) I think the author also wrote a great story called Virgo - but do not quote me on that.
One of the two I'm looking for is a NaruSasu/SasuNaru fic (I don't remember which).

Here's what I remember:

  • Sasuke's a retired model and Naruto’s a famous football player.

  • Sasuke now lives at a boarding house, disguising his real face and as an ugly guy.

  • Naruto goes there on vacation.

  • They fall in love and Naruto freaks out when he finds out who Sasuke really is.

The other isn't NaruSasu, but since I was posting this I thought I might as well ask.

  • Sasuke's a missing-nin unaffiliated with any nation. He makes his living by retrieving hidden jutsu scrolls or things of the like.

  • The war is either over or not, but Orochimaru is out of the picture. Itachi is dead, too, and Sasuke knows the real reason behind the massacre.

  • Naruto's the current Hokage, and sends ninjas after Sasuke (this one line made me think NaruSasu. I'm too much of a shipper!)

  • Sasuke goes to one of Orochimaru's hideouts and finds a jutsu to revive the dead (by Kabuto).

  • He also finds samples of Itachi's DNA and performs the jutsu with them.

  • Itachi manifests as an infant, but his aging process is accelerated and he probably has the mangekyou, as well as his memories.

  • At some point, a batch of Konoha ninja come after them while they're resting at an inn, and Sasuke reveals Naruto is the new Hokage and hasn't given up on the promise to bring Sasuke home.

  • But just as they were about to get caught Team Taka helps Sasuke out.

That's all I read up to.

If you could tell me either of the fanfics - a link, a name, the author - it'd be very very very much appreciated.
07 June 2014 @ 08:14 pm
hi. im looking for a story that i think was on adultfanfiction.org at one point. it went some like naruto confessing to sasuke then sasuke left and slept with sakura, but regretted it and is now trying to win him back. i remember naruto going to a party and getting into a fight with sasuke knocking him into a table and another part where sai kisses naruto in the hot spring tub with kiba, shino, etc. there. everyone knows what sasuke did and are not on very friendly terms with him.
01 June 2014 @ 12:22 pm
He guys,
i'm searching for a fic I read a while ago and had in my favorites on ff.net. Maybe it's been deleted or something, 'cause i can't find it. :( Can't remember the name either. D':
At the beginning Sasuke and Naruto are little kids and become friends, but one night Itachi kills the parents when Naruto is there for a sleepover or something. And the little blonde accidently makes a foto of Itachi with the bloody knife and the dead parents in the background.
Years later, Naruto and Sasuke do not have contact anymore, Naruto needs money very badly and finds the foto, so he gets the grandious idea of blackmailing Sasuke. And then the story unfolds from there and the two suddenly search for itachi and the reason behind the murder and blabla..
I can remember that somewhere in the story they solve a puzzle and some other time they are in some archive basement or something like that. And at the end Sasuke finds the solution and puts Naruto to sleep with some sleeping pills and goes to their old family house, where itachi waits for him. Oh and Madara is somewhere in there too.

Somebody remember this story? :(
01 June 2014 @ 12:21 am
Hi guys, I have been looking for this fic for awhile, but I have had no luck finding it by myself, hopefully someone can help me. The setting of this fic is in Konoha and Naruto is in his late teens. He is romantically pursued by both Itachi and Sasuke, and they both have had sex with him in separate occasions, as well as together. An OC male character is looking for Naruto to bring him back to his "master/trainer". The fic then goes back to flashback in the next couple of chapters detailing how Naruto was defeated and captured in one of his mission, because his defeater took a liking to him. This new OC male is described to be ruthless and strong, and the fic introduces three more new OCs who help train Naruto. This fic is not completed. I hope someone recognizes this fic and posts a link.
14 May 2014 @ 02:30 pm
Hi! I've been looking for this SasuNaru fic; naruto is the sun prince and is engaged to marry the sasuke--who is the moon king (i cant remember his title). All i can recall from it is that when they were both younger, sasuke had began to fall for naruto even though he hasnt seen him; he makes gifts (i think) and had Kakashi bring it to the sun prince but was thwarted by Council (??) from Sasuke's kingdom. The gifts never made it and as a result Sasuke begins to hate Naruto thinking he rejected them. I think it was still ongoing when I read it.

Thanks and your help will be greatly appreciated~!*grovels*
13 May 2014 @ 05:28 pm
I'm trying to find this fic but I can't!
It's a sasunaru, on ff.net and complete (I think it's 11 chapters). I don't remember if it's a fic after Sasuke returns or is a alternate timeline but I remember that in this story Sasuke and Naruto are married - and Naruto is Hokage?- and the raven is gaining power to become lord and then daimyo and it's for revenge.
In some point Ino tried to divide Sasuke and Naruto to become Lady Uchiha with the help of Choji but doesn't work.
In the end Sasuke is daimyo.
Do you know it?

found! It's all the king's men by s.wright. Thanks to ovicati
07 May 2014 @ 10:01 pm
I think it was awhile ago that I read this and now I can't find it and it's driving me nuts. What I remember of it was that it was a non-established sasunaru timetravel fanfiction, it was completed and had a sequel in the works I think. During the wave arc naruto gets upset and sasuke kisses him in front of everyone, that's the only specific scene I remember. Will be eternally gratefully if anyone knows this.
04 May 2014 @ 06:21 pm
I read the story "It's a Deal, Kit" by Kafurina on fanfiction.net two years ago and now I can't find it :(( It was such a nice smexy NaruSasu and KyuuSasu fanfic. I can't find Kafurina's profile on fanfiction.net too. I don't know if the story is still there and my google suck or she had managed to take it down so if you can find it please give me a link or if the author took it down and doesn't mind if someone share the PDF, please give me the PDF :(

Thank you!
29 March 2014 @ 09:41 pm
I lost this fic over 3-4 years ago haha so not too sure if anyone can still find it.
It was on Deviantart but I dont remember what tags it was under or the authors name DX.
It was a NaruSasu Fanfic that contained Mpreg. They both were attending college and lived together in an apartment. Naruto was depressed that his girlfriends kept breaking up with him and Sasuke would console him though he had secretly liked him. Naruto broke up with his girlfriend and got drunk then ended up sleeping with sasuke (getting him pregnant) mistaking him for his girlfriend. Eventually Naruto found out and treated badly abusing him for being both Gay and pregnant with his child. Sasuke goes through abuse by his classmates and naruto and finds comfort in Sakura and Inu (in a relationship as well) and eventually forgives naruto.

If you can help me find it I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER XD. The author always titled her entries with an acronym somewhere along the lines of HHTYP or HHYTP and it represented a saying or sentence.
10 March 2014 @ 06:50 pm
Hi !
I am looking for a specific fic that I read several years ago.
It was one of the first fics I ever read, and I really hope this is going to ring some bells !

- College AU
- NarutoxSasuke (obviously)
- Sasuke works in a bar. He techinically didn't need to thanks to rich parents, but there was a line about not wanting porn to turn up on a credit card bill that his parents could see.
- There was a bar called Rasengan's (or just Rasengan)
        -with some kind of party organized there. Sasuke and Naruto drive there together
- Naruto and Sasuke (others maybe?) spending time on a roof
- I believe Naruto and Sasuke were roomates, but I am not 100% sure
- Sasuke was an early riser, like 5am-early
- There was a really good friendship vibe going on (despite, I believe, some initial rivalry)

I know it's not much to go on, but on the off chance someone knows this fic, I thought I would try :)
And I will be super grateful if anyone knows of it !
Its not exactly NaruSasu in a romantic sense, but the fic is centred around their friendship. Please tell me if this isn't allowed!

Here's what I remember:

  • Sasuke's parents used to be really rich but they're dead (I can't remember if both of them are dead, or if Mikoto is is still alive. Fugaku is definitely dead though)

  • Itachi and Sasuke are left with little to nothing. (Can't remember if Mikoto is still there with them or dead)

  • Fugaku attempted to commit suicide with Sasuke in the car with him by driving off a cliff

  • Itachi saved Sasuke but Sasuke now has a prosthetic leg

  • Despite this Sasuke's in the Track or Baseball or sth like that team

  • Naruto is kind to everyone but hates Sasuke and bullies him at first because he thinks Fugaku killed his father. Also he thinks Sasuke's still very rich.

  • Sasuke once forgets to switch his leg to athletic mode and collapses on the field after track practice

  • Kiba, Naruto etc pull Sasuke's pants down as a prank in the locker room only to find out about his prosthetic limb

  • This changes Naruto's whole outlook towards him and I think he also goes to Sasuke's house

That's all I read, there were chapters after this but I can't find it anymore.
20 February 2014 @ 11:28 pm

1.    Looking for mpreg fic but can't remember the name! It was m rated, set before sasuke had his fight with itachi in shippuden. Naruto has been studying a jutsu that will help him have a child because he wants to be with sasuke and give him children etc he leaves konoha and meets up with team hebi and him and sasuke hit it off but naruto hadn't expected to get pregnant so soon and hadn’t told sasuke he could get pregnant or something like that. I remember a scene where sasuke is mad and he turns his sharigan on and then looks at naruto and sees the baby's chakra. erm I can't really remember much after that but i remember itachi being nice and team hebi/naruto/itachi staying at the granny cats (elder cats) place for abit (might be getting confused with another  fic)                                      

2.    Second one is a demon fic! Was SasuNaru, Sasuke is the son of the devil (fugaku) and has to find mate because he keeps messing around with other demons and his dad is getting annoyed. He gets to choose in a certain amount of time otherwise his dad picks. Now this part is a bit foggy I remember Naruto worked as a stripper I think the club was called hell or something like that and sasuke goes in falls in love with naruto and tries wooing him and I remember there being a lot of phonecalls or texting. Also I think fugaku doesn’t like naruto because fugaku was in love with minato who was a demon but he married kushina so naruto is half demon.

Also any other demon fics would be appreciated can’t find many !!!

3.    Finally I’m really craving NaruSasu fics with naruto being quite dominant or jealous. Also any fics where naruto is slightly older is fine, don’t to bothered about what setting, would like completed fics.


    Thank you J !

19 February 2014 @ 06:58 pm
I am looking for recommendations where Naruto has to pretend to be a girl to be with Sasuke.  Maybe because of clan rules or politics he uses his sexy no jutsu to create an acceptable female persona but is still male behind closed doors.  Not looking for actual female Naruto stories.

If anyone has any recs, I would appreciate it.
18 February 2014 @ 12:23 am
I've held myself back from making this post for a year because I had hoped to find this particular fanfic, but I'm ready to admit to defeat. If anyone can tell me which fic this is, I'd be beyond grateful!

- Naruto is the sensei of a genin team (with a Hyuuga male and an Akimichi female, and if I remember correctly then the other male was an Aburame but I could be wrong)
- Sasuke returns to the village and lives with Naruto, but he is still considered dangerous and almost criminal. He is only allowed to live with Naruto because Naruto vouches for him
- Naruto's genin team is sent to deliver a scroll (by Tsunade, if I remember correctly) to Naruto at his house, and encounters Sasuke...unfortunately, the Hyuuga activates his Byagukan, which sets Sasuke off
- Naruto arrives and luckily, disaster is avoided...and I distinctly remember the Akimichi's POV, because she finally understood why her clumsy and silly sensei was considered strong by other shinobi
- The scroll was actually blank

I can remember more details if that would help, but I didn't want to overwhelm the post. Thank you in advance!

Edit: Ironically, despite trying for months and never succeeding, I suddenly discovered on Google which fanfic it is, shortly after posting this request...it is "At the End of All Things" by Silvaren.
15 February 2014 @ 11:12 pm
I've been trying to find this one fic I read years ago. sasuke and naruto were like in paris or something like that. i remember naruto runs away for a few days after sasuke insults him bc he was frustrated about not being able to compose a piece for the orchestra or something. he ends up going out to search for naruto and finds him playing violin and sleeping at the local park. So then Sasuke brings him home and when Naruto wakes up they have makeup sex on Sasuke's piano bench idk if that sounds familiar but that's about all i remember. i read it like a few years back so idk if anyone knows it. Any help would be great. Thanks!